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Adachigahara Furusato Village

Adachigahara Furusato Village

Adachigahara Furusato Village is a free open-air theme park of about 7.5 ha in whichthere are "Rural Life Museum" that is a relocated farmer’s house in the early Meiji era,the "Washi House" where you can experience washi craftsmanship, and an indoor type playground "Genki Kids Park Nihonmatsu" where children can run around freely.

Nearby, you can find the "Kurozuka" which is said to be the tomb of Onibaba (a witch) and the "Iwa-ya" which is reported as her residence remain, and it is an area of famous legends passed down from ancient times. The master of haiku, Basho Matsuo (1644-1694), also went out of his way to visit.

The area of the birthplace of the "Onibaba (a witch) Legend" is Adachigahara and is known in Noh chants, kabuki and literature and composed in a poem by the Heian period (794 to 1185) poet, Taira no Kanemori (? -991), "I heard that the child of the demon is in the black tomb (kurozuka) of Adachigahara of Michinoku (currently referred to as "Fukushima"), but is this really true" and "Adachigahara" is near this facility and is on the east coast of the Abukuma River which flows north to south through the central part of the city.



Opening hours

9am to 5pm

Closing days

Open daily

Parking lot

200 spaces


10 minutes by car from the Tohoku Expressway Nihonmatsu Interchange