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Adatara Mountain Ropeway

Adatara Mountain Ropeway

On the ropeway of the Fujikyu Adatara Resort, you can enjoy an aerial walk for about 10 minutes looking down at the majestic view. Under your eyes you can see the townscape of Fukushima and Koriyama as well as a wide variety of trees.

If you walk about 5 minutes from the top of the ropeway summit station, Yakushidake Panorama Park at an altitude of 1,350 m spreads out before you and you can see dynamic scenery such as the Adatara mountain range, Azumakofuji and Zao mountain range, etc.



Opening hours (Seasons)

From late April to early November, 8am 30 to 4pm 30  (The last departure from the Sanroku Station is 3pm 30.)

Closing days

Open every day during the season (except when due to strong winds, etc.)


Adult one way ticket - 1,000 yen, Child - 750 yen, Adult round trip ticket - 1,700 yen, Child - 1,300 yen 

Parking lot

1,500 spaces


30 minutes by car from the Tohoku Expressway Nihonmatsu Interchange