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Okitsushima Shrine

Okitsushima Shrine

Kohata's large cedar in the premises is a big tree designated as a natural monument of the country in 1941 and is located on the northern side of the entrance within the precincts of the shrine. Even at the time of the fires caused by war when Masamune Date attached the area, the tree escaped misfortune and is enshrined as a huge tree that is said to be estimated 800 years old. In addition to "Kohata no Osugi (Kohata’s large cedar)," there are buildings such as the prefecture-designated three-storied pagoda and the main Okitsushima shrine, a subordinate shrine and the shrine office and in the winter the country designated important intangible folk cultural property "Kohata no Hata Festival"(the first Sunday of December every year) is held and it is becoming a culturally and historically valuable mountain area. It is also suitable for outdoor activities such as trekking and camping.



Parking lot

10 spaces (passenger cars) (in front of the 2nd shrine office)


40 minutes by car from JR Nihonmatsu Station, 40 minutes by car from the Nihonmatsu Interchange