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Local Sake of Nihonmatsu and Motomiya

Local Sake of Nihonmatsu and Motomiya

Even in Fukushima that has the best sake in Japan, Nihonmatsu in particular is known as a region with a high percentage of high-grade sake in the total production. It is local sake made from delicious rice and the water of the headwaters of Mt. Adatara. It is characterized by a mellow taste and has received high praise even worldwide.

Since conditions are different for each sake brewery tour, please contact each brewery in advance.


  • Daishichi Sake Brewery 0243-23-0007
  • Okunomatsu Sake Brewery, Brewery Gallery 0243-22-3262
  • Himonoya Sake Brewery Store 0243-23-0164
  • Ninki Sake Brewery 0243-23-2091
  • Daitengu Sake Brewery 0243-33-2017